Effective and simple management of fish farms

IFF Controllers are the backbone of the entire metering and regulation system on fish farms of any size. The unit collects data using smart probes, which can measure temperature, oxygenation, pH, salinity and ORP. At the customer’s request, the unit can also be fitted with a unimeter to make connection of any probe supplied by an external supplier possible.

In response to the acquired data, it can control up to 4 connected actuators using IFF SwitchBox switches. This system, with a TFT touch screen, guarantees protection against over-voltage and electric interference and has a back-up power supply. The IFF Controller unit is also used to display measured values, calibration of the connected probes and definition of rules for controlling the connected devices.

The measured data is made available to another device, the IFF Gate, which means that this data can be displayed nearly anywhere in the world.

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  • 01 4 sockets for intelligent probes
  • 02 Over-voltage and electric interference protection
  • 03 4 actuators
  • 04 Secureoperation
  • 05 Probe calibration


Case study

IFF installation at
a Lobster farm, Selsey UK

We achieved several firsts thanks to the installation of the IFF System in Selsey. Not only was it the first commercial installation in the UK, but it was also our first collaborative project with Oxysystems Ltd.

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Basic technical parameters
Number of measuring 1 ÷ 4
Connection of probes shielded cable, total cable length must be max. 300 m
Measurement interval 0,5 s, depends on the probe type
Power supply (depends on configuration) 19 ÷ 37 V DC/ 15 ÷ 500 mA, or 90 ÷ 250 V AC
Switches (relays) 4 x 10 A, 250 V
Communication (data output) MODBUS RTU
Display colour TFT, resistive touch panel
Operating temperature range -5 ÷ 50 °C
Storage temperature range -20 ÷ 70 °C
Dimensions 324 x 289 x 146 mm
Dimensions (box) 520 x 450 x 220 mm
Weight cca 8 kg