S/C IFF PROBE XB1-S Salinity

Effective and easy measurement at fish farms

The probe consists of a stainless-steel head with PVC sheath, a body with integrated electronics and a durable cable. The XB1-S probe measures the current between electrodes and converts it to specific electric conductivity values. The specific conductivity value shows how much dissolved salt is in the solution.

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probe calibration

The calibration and setup processes for your probes are intended to be as straightforward as possible. You will instantly understand how to correctly configure your probes so that they will precisely match the conditions you will need to have for the greatest aquaculture environment! You will be able to handle it on your own after watching this brief and simple video.


Measuring water salinity is an important water quality parameter. Measurements obtained using the XB1-S probe mean that the optimum concentration of salt can be maintained in the water depending on the species of fish being farmed. The probe is also suitable for highly-polluted and highly-conductive water due to the four-electrode system.

  • 01 Electrodes manufactured from highly-durable carbon composite
  • 02 Protection of electrodes against growth of biological encrustation
  • 03 Also suitable for use in polluted solutions
  • 04 Minimum operating costs
  • 05 Highly durable sheath


Case study

IFF installation at
a Lobster farm, Selsey UK

We achieved several firsts thanks to the installation of the IFF System in Selsey. Not only was it the first commercial installation in the UK, but it was also our first collaborative project with Oxysystems Ltd.

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Basic technical parameters
Power supply external source 18 ÷ 35V DC/ 30 mA
Temperature measuring range -20 ÷ 120 °C
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 0,2 °C; ± 1dig.
Conductivity measuring range 0,00 ÷ 20,00 (30,00) μS/cm
0,0 ÷ 200,0 (300,0) μS/cm
0 ÷ 2000 (3000) μS/cm
0,00 ÷ 20,00 (30,00) mS/cm
0,0 ÷ 200,0 (300,0; 500,0) mS/cm
Conductivity measuring accuracy ± 0,5 %; ± 1dig.
Temperature compensation automatic -5 ÷ 110 °C
Temperature compensation constant 0 ÷ 3 % / K, according to EN 27 888
Reference temperature 25 °C
Concentration measurement range 0 ÷ 300 g/l or 0 ÷ 30 % (up to 500 mS/cm), 5 ranges
Salinity measurement range 0 ÷ 70 g/l; 2 ranges
Operating temperature range 0 ÷ 50 °C
Storage temperature range -20 ÷ 70 °C
Protection rating IP 68
Dimensions 270 x 36 mm
Dimensions (box) 320 x 200 x 75 mm
Material stainless steel 1,4404; PVC-U; PUR (cable)